Hi, I'm Josh. It's an absolute pleasure to meet you.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you why your organization, company, or group should bring me in (and add a bunch of words that even I don’t quite understand), yada yada yada.
Well, that’s not how we’re going to do it. 
Because frankly, I’m more inspired to see how I can help your your organization create a winning culture that creates effective results, right now.
Before I share how I might be able to help, I want you to know a couple things:

1. Culture is the MOST IMPORTANT part of any organization.

As Mr. Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
If your culture is aligned in a way that serves the mission of your organization, then your fantastic strategy isn’t going to get you the results you want.

2. Someone can steal your strategy, but no one can copy your culture.

Look no further than the handful of airlines that attempted to steal the strategies of Southwest or Virgin. Guess where they ended up? Out of business.
Having a great strategy without a strong culture is like attempting to ride a unicycle with no wheel… It just doesn’t work.

3. A great culture takes practice.

Not only is culture learned, but it needs to be reinforced through practice.
Creating an amazing culture isn’t a place to get to; it’s a place to come from. Just like when you decide to honor your workout commitments each week for your body, we must honor our cultural commitments each day.
Every organization must have practices, plans, and procedures in place that will nourish and support their winning culture. 
"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."  - Peter Drucker

Welcome to The RAW Method™


I help organizations with BIG missions achieve their results quickly by getting RAW (don’t worry, all clothes stay on most of the time).
What is The RAW Method?
It’s a proprietary system that supports the people of your organization in three KEY areas:
Relational Understanding: What are the practices, procedures, and plans in place to ensure a deep level of understanding amongst members? How is your organization's ability to respond? What happens when someone “screws up"? Is your organization encouraging your people to take risks?     
In order to to create more effective results, we must look at how we are showing up within the relationships inside of our organization. We must learn to take full responsibility and decide that we are always at the cause (as opposed to the effect) of every experience.
One of the pitfalls within an organization's culture is their inability to respond in an empowering way. They don’t take responsibility.
Our ability to respond must be the starting point of how we show up in our organizations.  
Authentic Communication + Connection:  Does *every* person inside of your organization have a voice? Are there times where you’re able to be “wrong?” Is there space for creativity and outside-the-box thinking?
Organizations must foster an environment where every voice is welcome. There needs to be tools and resources available for all members to feel safe in expression, not only on the business side of things, but also personal. You can’t fully understand your employees if you know nothing about their personal life.
WholeSoul Integration: This is where we merge the best of both worlds. The level of your organizational success directly correlates with your culture’s willingness to not only allow and accept the wholeness of each member, but also encourage it.
Since we are whole beings, not compartmentalized by our titles, the roles we play, or the image that we’ve upheld, we must enable culture to allow for this. Through this process of wholesoul integration, we’re able to bridge the gap between personal and business and create a more “all-in” environment that results in great success.
Implementing The Raw Method™ into your organization will lead to:
  • An increase in employee/member engagement
  • A reduction in employee turnover and sick days
  • A happier, thriving, and positive workplace environment
  • Less usage of paid time off (Since your people will actually enjoy showing up)
  • Making more of an impact (which means more meaning & more money)
"Every organization has a culture. Unfortunately, many, if not most, cultures develop by happenstance." - Pamela Bilbrey and Brian Jones, Ordinary Greatness: It's Where You Least Expect It...Everywhere.
Every organization has a GREAT culture, but it’s your responsibility to intentionally create it. 
Here's what we [firmly] believe:
Everyone Matters. Who you are and what you say matters. You have a unique voice that must be heard instead of your organization. It’s vital that every person inside of the organization has an ability to share what’s true for them.
Energy is GREATER than time. We can spend all the time in the world attempting to “fix a problem” but without the correct energy, we will continue to fail.
Have lots of cake (& eat it too). In a world where there seems to be winners and losers, we believe that everybody plays a vital role in creating a winning strategy. No zero-sum game here. Everybody wins. We don’t believe that you can only have your cake. We want you to eat it (gluten-free option available). 
Equal Play. We’re all made up of the same stuff, right? Then why is it that we have these imaginary titles and roles that make us believe that others are more or less important than us? One of the things that stops organizations in creating effective cultures is holding onto the pedestalian effect (<— I made that up.) We must break down the barriers and allow EVERYONE in the organization to be seen.
Be “All-In.” The difference between organizations that culturally fail versus culturally succeed is their level of “all-in”-ness. Their must be a container within the organization to talk about what really matters. Vulnerability is welcomed. There must be a space to talk about personal life as well as how their could be room for improvements.

Here's what others are saying:

"I went into the Authentic Relating workshop based on the description of enabling authentic connections with people, which is one of my favourite things to do.  The experience was a rich opportunity to see deep into another person's world and love them with a pure heart, knowing that we are really all connected.  I can think of few better ways to spend my time." - Tracey Abbott.
"The experience was a rich opportunity to see deep into another person's world and love them with a pure heart, knowing that we are really all connected. -Tracey Abbott
Josh’s leadership style is intuitive, embodied and a welcoming mix of strength and ease. He doesn’t make a move that doesn’t first come from an inward place. Watching him lead our group was so powerful." - Krystal Brandt, Authenticity Coach.
"Your approach to holding a powerful loving space allowed for me to share from a truly authentic space. Wow and thank you from my heart for assisting me in feeling this deep connection." - Dean Larsen.

"Josh is a magical energy who has the capacity to bring out the truest side of people - the side that we don't generally want others to see. He established a group trust and I felt able to reveal what I was really thinking and feeling, without concern of being judged for it. I really appreciated how Josh was able to make the things that we were afraid actually be a fun place to be." - Louise Graham, Owner at ThinkFrog Marketing
If you’re interested in bringing the Raw Method™ to your organization or want to learn more about the process, click the button below, fill out the contact information and I’ll be in touch.