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December 3-14 2015

 I'm taking a small group of REMARKABLE human beings on the craziest adventure I could imagine...

"Life is a daring aventure or nothing at all." - Helen Keller

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Hello, beautiful human.

I've got a question for you.

Are you willing to let go of your future plans?

The plan that says what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be doing right now.
(Climb the corporate ladder, get married, buy a beautiful home, have 2.5 children...)

You've felt the pressure before, right?

What might happen if you were to let go of what you thought you were supposed to do? What would your life look like if you stopped "should-ing" all over yourself?

"I should do this, I should do that."

Here's the beautiful part about this: You Have A Choice. 

In fact, you've been deciding and choosing for most your  life.

And those choices have brought you to this perfect present moment...

But here's the real question...

Are you diggin' the results of your choices up until now?

If not, it might be time to make a different choice. 

But first, you have to stop holding on so tight.

Would you be willing to loosen the grips?

"we must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."

Joseph Campbell

How do you feel about letting go? 
That sense of security that you think you actually have?

Would you be willing to let go of your desire for control and need to have it all figured out?

Are you interested in accepting the life that's waiting for you?
The life that might seem cray-cray to your parents, partners, friends and society.

If you're saying YES to many of these questions, I commend you.

If no, I wish you all the best, but you're wasting you're time if you read another word.

"hell yeah!"                                                      

For you, the YES, I want to extend an opportunity to join me on a journey.

I'm not sharing too much information right now.

Why? Well, because this experience isn't about information.

I can send you resources and books that will give you the know-hows.

However, this isn't about knowing --this journey is about EXPERIENCING.

Action is what's rewarded, and ultimately, it's about BECOMING.


Here's the gist.

We'll be venturing out on a 12 day adventure through Thailand that will challenge you in a way that you might have never experienced.

We are literally going to a place on the other side of the map to transform your world.

And, of course, we're going to get slightly uncomfortable during this 12 day adventure.

This is an experience for the deeply commited.

This isn't a vacation.  This is not for spectators. This is not an "escape from reality."

This is for the person that is truly inspired to transform their life in an inspiring, supportive, loving and community-based environment (on the other side of the world).

It's for a group of hand-selected, heart-centered humans that will join me on an adventure into the magical land of the unknown.



If there's a "HELL YES!" screaming from your body...

I invite you to apply by clicking the button below and we can explore the possibilities.

Again, action is rewarded, so this will be on a first-come, first-considered basis.

With only a handful available, apply now.


ARE YOU READY For an adventure of a lifetime?