In a world that prefers certainty over extraordinary living, some decide to courageously explore the discomfort of the unknown.
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  • In The Middle Seat – Inner Circle Week 3

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    Big Idea #1 – “Hello, Ego.” One of the things that play a big role in our lives is our ego. Although it is not a bad thing in itself – because it's[...]

  • Massive Leaps: The Science Behind Why You Are Afraid To Change

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    Hey, Soul Siblings! Welcome to today’s episode---we are talking about change (again) – changing, making big changes in your life and WHY it’s so[...]

  • How I was able to turn a “dream” into a REAL-ity (and how you can, too!)

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    941 VIEWS AND COUNTING.... (on Facebook) ========================= WOW! So after spending most of the night learning (stumbling over my words)[...]

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