In a world that prefers certainty over extraordinary living, some decide to courageously explore the discomfort of the unknown.
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  • Have You Ever Combined These Two Powerful Letters?

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    Hey Famz, This weeks Middle Seat Moment (MSM) is brought to you by the letter {B}. And..... The letter {E}. As in B-E. Just Be. Wherever[...]

  • What Tony Robbins Taught Me About Purpose

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    In this weeks Middle Seat Moment (MSM) we're talking about P-U-R-P-O-S-E. So what's the deal with that "P" word? Watch the short vid below if[...]

  • Your ONE Asset That Nobody Else Can Replicate


    This weeks Middle Seat Moment (MSM) was sparked by an episode of the unmistakable podcast, where Sally Hogshead, the worlds leading expert on[...]

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